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Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes For Fleas

​​Beneficial Nematodes For Fleas Fleas are a major nuisance for us and our beloved pets. Getting a flea infestation under control can present quite a challenge and be very stressful for us.

How To Tell If Your Dog Has Fleas

​​How Do I Know If My Dog Has Fleas? Fleas are unpleasant and very active insects which can cause your dog extreme discomfort. These nasty parasites leap aboard your beloved pet, digging

Best Flea Shampoo For Cats

​​Best Flea Shampoo For Cats Fleas are painful, uninvited guests for your much-loved kitty. These irritating pests can cause your cat much discomfort and distress, as well as causing the risk of

​​How To Make Homemade Flea Spray

​​How To Make Homemade Flea Spray Fleas are nasty, irritating bloodsuckers that are never welcome in your home. Their itchy bites can drive you and your pets crazy, often leading your furry

Flea on kittens

How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Kittens

Flea Treatment For Kittens: How To Get Rid Of Them Fast Kittens are adorable furry bundles, guaranteed to melt your heart. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with their

How Long Do Flea Bites Last?

How Long Do Flea Bites Take To Heal? Despite the fact that fleas typically favor the blood of our pets over that of people, when hungry, fleas won’t discriminate. They will assault

Flea Eggs On Carpet

Flea Eggs On Cats: Treatment & Prevention

​​How To Get Rid Of Flea Eggs On Cats Finding flea eggs on cats is a sure sign that they may be suffering from a flea infestation. Adult fleas themselves are, unfortunately,

flea eggs in hair

Can Fleas Live In Human Hair?

​​Can Fleas Live In Human Hair? Fleas are a menace for our pets and can cause distress and irritation to us humans, too. If you’ve managed to get a flea infestation in

Clean Bedroom

Fleas In Bed: Treatment & Prevention

​​How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Bed Fleas on your pet are one thing, but fleas in your home are another. Just the thought of it can make you itch, and the possibility of

flea eggs in carpet

Best Flea Powder For Carpets

​​Best Flea Carpet Powder Fleas in the home can be a living nightmare. Not only do they bite our pets, they can nibble on our ankles too. These blood-sucking parasites are very

What To Do If Your Dog Has Fleas

​​What To Do If Your Dog Has Fleas Fleas are one of the most commonly reported issues of concern among pet owners throughout the United States. Not only can these bloodsucking parasites irritate

Best Bed Bug Spray

Best Flea Spray For The House

Best Flea Spray & Flea Killer For The Home Whether you have pets or not, a flea infestation in your home can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming to deal with, not to

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Fleas can be a stubborn pest to get rid of on cats, especially the infestation is large. We reveal our top tips and tricks for getting rid of fleas quickly.

flea eggs

Flea Eggs: How to Find and Kill Them

Flea Eggs: How to Find and Kill Them A flea is a parasite that bites and feeds on the blood of an animal. Fleas will feed, mate and then egg production will begin

Bed bugs in old furniture

Where Do Fleas Come From?

​Where Do Fleas Come From? Fleas are unpleasant, blood-sucking parasites which can be a nightmare for you, your family and any pets which reside in your home. Once these pests have settled

How Long Can Fleas Live Without A Host?

How Long Do Fleas Live Without A Host? Fleas are tiny, resilient parasites which make their home among the fur of our much-loved pets. Their blood-sucking bites cause much distress and irritation,

Best Flea Spray For Furniture

​​Best Flea Spray For Furniture The mere thought of fleas in your furniture is enough to make any of us start to itch. Unfortunately, fleas are resilient and well adapted at staying

Flea Bites On Ankle

What Do Flea Bites Look Like?

​What Do Flea Bites Look Like? A flea’s diet consists solely of warm blood. This means that any warm-blooded creature is vulnerable to being bitten by a flea. Regardless of whether your

Flea Welts

​​Do Flea Bites Itch?

​​Do Flea Bites Itch & How To Stop Itching Getting bitten by a flea is unpleasant for a range of reasons. First and foremost, the bites tend to be unbearably itchy. I

Best Flea Shampoo For Dogs

​​Best Flea Shampoo For Dogs Fleas are a tremendous nuisance to our beloved pooch. These nasty bloodsuckers cause pain and irritation for your dog, as well as carry the risk of further

essential oils for fleas

Essential Oils For Fleas

​​Essential Oils For Fleas Having pets is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences, as they really do become a part of the family. Therefore, naturally, it is important to look

Best Flea Spray for Dogs and Cats

​​Best Flea Spray For Dogs & Cats Fleas are a pest that nobody wants in their house or on their pets, so finding a solution that works is essential. Fleas are parasitic

Best flea collar for dogs

Best Flea Collars For Dogs

​​Best Flea Collars For Dogs If your dog has ever been infested with fleas, you’ll be aware of the problems it can cause. Not only does it make the dog uncomfortable, the

Effective Flea Treatment For Puppies

​​How To Treat & Get Rid Of Fleas On Puppies Every animal owner should know about fleas. If your pet begins scratching itself excessively you may have to check him. Getting rid

Flea Repellent For Humans

Best Flea Repellent For Humans Fleas are irritating intruders which present a cause of discomfort for both our pets and ourselves. They are very resilient parasites, which multiply rapidly in the home,

flea dirt on cats

Flea Dirt: Everything You Need To Know

​​What Is Flea Dirt On Dogs & Cats? There is nothing remotely fun about having an infestation of fleas on your pet and in your home. They are extremely bothersome as they

Signs Of Fleas: An Exhaustive Guide

Signs & Symptoms Of Fleas When you see your beloved pet suffering from an intolerable itch, how can you tell if it’s flea-related or not? It could be that you find some

3rd Instar Cat Flea Larva

Flea Life Cycle: A Guide To All Stages

The ​​Life Cycle Of A Flea In this article, we examine the flea life cycle – so you can identify the best way to eradicate them for good. Fleas are resilient and

Best Flea Spray For The Yard

Best Flea Killer Spray & Treatment For The Yard Fleas in the yard can represent a challenge for pet owners. Not only are flea bites painful and irritating for you and your

Best Flea Collar For Cats In 2020

​Best Flea Collars For Cats Fleas are a real nuisance to your cat. Not only are they itchy and irritating, their bites can develop into nasty sores. Flea bites can also result

Do Flea Collars Work?

How Do Flea Collars Work? An infestation of fleas in your pet is unpleasant for both pet and owner. When it comes to parasites, prevention can be better than a cure. There

Flea On Skin

Does Salt Kill Fleas?

​​Will Salt Kill Fleas? Fleas are unwelcome visitors in any home. These bloodsucking parasites will happily feed on both human and animal blood, leaving you itchy, sore, and covered in little bites.

How To Get Rid Of Flea Bites

​​How To Treat & Get Rid Of Flea Bites On Humans Fleas are wingless, blood-sucking insects and are best known for infesting our beloved pets. While it’s true that fleas much prefer

Does Steam Kill Bed Bugs

Does Heat Kill Fleas and Eggs?

Can Heat Kill Fleas and Eggs? Anybody who has ever suffered a flea infestation will attest to what a nuisance fleas can be. They are foul creatures and can make both your

Treating Flea Bite Rash Effectively

​​Flea Bite Rash Despite being the tiniest of insects, fleas can cause some major problems. Not only to your pets but to your home and to you and your health. If you

Flea Bites

Can Humans Get Fleas From Dogs?

Can Humans Catch Fleas From Dogs? Fleas are every dog owner’s nightmare. The bites from these blood-sucking pests can cause intense discomfort for your furry friend, leading to your poor pooch chewing

Home Remedies For Fleas On Cats

​​Home Remedies For Fleas On Cats Cats are a much-loved choice of pet. Although they are famously independent and capable creatures, cats are pretty powerless to defend themselves from fleas. When that

Flea bites on human

Can Fleas Live On Humans?

Can Fleas Live On Humans? We may not have as much hair on our bodies as our furry felines or shaggy dogs, but does that mean that those pesky fleas have no

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In The Yard

​​How To Kill & Get Rid Of Fleas In The Yard It can be daunting to deal with a flea infestation. These critters can appear almost anywhere in and around your home,

Do Fleas Fly and Do They Have Wings?

​​Can Fleas Fly & Do They Have Wings? Fleas are certainly an unpleasant and distressing issue for any homeowner to deal with. Large infestations of fleas can seemingly appear out of nowhere,

The legs of a flea have perfectly evolved for jumping large distances in relation to its body size

Do Fleas Jump? How High & Far?

​How High & Far Can Fleas Jump? In the intriguing world of fleas, there are questions that definitely need to be answered. Do fleas jump or hop, or are they actually flying

Flea Egg

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like?

​​What Do Flea Eggs Look Like? Almost all pet owners will have struggled with the menace of fleas at some point in their lives. Fleas are determined parasites, who are capable of

Flea on kittens

Best Flea Powder For Dogs & Cats

​​Best Flea Powder For Dogs & Cats There are numerous medications on the market for killing and repelling fleas. They come in different forms and contain varying active ingredients. Flea powder is

What Do Fleas Look Like? (Visual Guide)

​​What Does A Flea Look Like? Having the knowledge on what fleas look like will help you identify whether you have a flea problem. Fleas are small insects, which do not have

How To Make Homemade Flea Shampoo

​​How To Make Homemade Flea Shampoo You may have heard about various recipes for homemade flea shampoo, made from common household staples. In this article, I will address whether these concoctions can

Lifespan Of A Flea

Lifespan Of A Flea Fleas in the home or on your pet can be a living nightmare. These parasites are uniquely designed to evade detection, hiding among your pet’s fur, or in

Tea Tree Oil For Bed Bugs

Tea Tree Oil For Fleas

​​Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas? Home remedies to treat flea infestations have grown increasingly popular in recent years. You may have heard or read that using tea tree oil can get

How Do Dogs Get Fleas?

​How Do Dogs Catch Fleas? Fleas are nasty, irritating parasites that are a concern for all dog owners. The best way to tackle fleas is by attending to the problem before it

A flea on human skin

How Big Are Fleas & Can You See Them?

​​Can You See Fleas? How Big Are They? Fleas are tiny parasitic insects that live off the blood of their hosts, such as cats and dogs. Fleas are usually brown, a reddish-brown

​​Where Do Fleas Live and Hide?

​​Where Do Fleas Live & Hide? Most of us know that adult fleas live on birds, animals and pets. Surprisingly, this only accounts for around 5% of the flea population within that

Does Vinegar Kill Fleas?

​​Will Vinegar Kill Fleas? It’s every pet owner’s nightmare, all of a sudden your beloved furry friend has started to chew and scratch intensely, under attack from the dreaded flea. These infuriating

Cat Flea

Can Humans Get Fleas?

​​Can People Get Fleas? All of us have likely experienced a flea-ridden animal or spotted a little black speck leaping off of our skin. Fleas are an age-old nuisance for pets and

How Long Do Fleas Live On Average?

How Long Do Fleas Live? Fleas are minuscule, parasitic insects, which plague the fur of our beloved pets, as well as feral and wild creatures. They are able to leap vast distances

Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Fleas

​​Does Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Fleas? Fleas are a real nuisance in any home. They bite both us and our pets, feeding upon our blood, causing severe itching and irritation. In some

Flea Eggs On Carpet

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet

How To Kill & Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet Fleas are horrible, irritating pests that can infest your home in what seems like a blink of an eye. They are very

Using Borax & Boric Acid To Kill Fleas

Borax & Boric Acid To Kill Fleas Fleas may only be tiny insects, but they have a profound effect on your home and your pets if you encounter a flea infestation. You

Flea Feeding On Human

What Do Fleas Eat?

​​What Do Fleas Eat? Fleas are one of the world’s most irritating pests. Not only are their bites irritating to humans and animals alike, they also carry diseases. In this article, you will

Does Dawn Kill Fleas?

Will Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas? There are many home remedies touted for getting rid of fleas. One such remedy is using Dawn, a type of dish soap. There is a lot

flea dirt on dog

What Do Fleas Look Like On Dogs?

​What Do Fleas Look Like On Dogs? Fleas are pet a owner’s worst nightmare. Once a house pet has fleas, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Not only will

Do Fleas Bite Humans?

Do Fleas Bite & Feed On Humans? Fleas are bloodsucking parasites that we generally associate with domestic and wild animals. However, fleas bite humans more often than you might think. In this