About Us

Here at PestSeek, our main aim is to become the go-to definitive resource for all things pest-related.

We wish to become the only website on the internet that is truly dedicated to educating readers about every possible aspect of home pest control, and to help keep you as calm and in control as possible during a potentially very stressful ordeal.

Owner / Chief Editor

Dan Edwards

Devoted and self-confessed pest hunter Dan Edwards has spent most of his life being absolutely fascinated with all varieties of so-called nuisance species.

Dan has spent countless hours researching, implementing, and perfecting his pest control and extermination methods, and is now dedicated to sharing as much of his understandings and ingenious insights as possible with whoever is in need of them.

Having experienced first-hand what it’s like to be on the wrong end of a debilitating pest infestation, Dan has great empathy towards others who have been afflicted in the same way, and will strive to help them as best as possible with his years of accumulated knowledge and past experiences.

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