How to Get Rid of Gnats in Plants and Houseplants

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Plants and Houseplants Gnats can make your once beautiful houseplants look unsightly, be an incredible nuisance in the home, and possibly terminally harm your flora-babies. With a little attention and care, you can eliminate the problem, often without the use of harsh chemicals. Allow us to reveal the … Read more

How to Get Rid of Outdoor Gnats

How to Get Rid of Outdoor Gnats There’s nothing better than spending long summer evenings outside. You knock up some awesome food on the grill, crack open a few cold ones and relax with friends and family. Then, an army of gatecrashing gnats decides to join your party. Knowing how to eliminate them means these … Read more

Gnat Infestations: Causes and Treatment

Gnat Infestations: Causes and Treatment Gnats are extraordinarily tenacious and widespread. Different species can inhabit your home, garden, plants and drains. The causes and cures for these infestations vary across family types. Knowing the reasons for their appearance — and how to remove them — will create a gnat-free environment. The most common gnat infestations … Read more

Gnat Larvae: Appearance and Traits

Gnat Larvae: Appearance and Traits Hear the word ‘gnats,’ and your mind immediately creates images of tiny flying critters buzzing around your home and garden. This is only one aspect of their lifecycle. Being able to identify gnat larvae means that you can take the appropriate action to eradicate these annoying beasties. Allow us to … Read more

How to Keep Gnats Away

How to Keep Gnats Away Gnats can destroy plants, suck your blood and be frightfully irksome. Whether they’re hovering in the home or garden, they can seek you out and seemingly have the in-built desire to annoy. With a few simple steps, you can repel these creatures, thus promoting an all-round happier and more comfortable … Read more

What Do Gnats Eat?

What Do Gnats Eat? Despite what you may think, the preferred food of gnats isn’t necessarily your precious blood. Like us humans, different gnats have individual predilections towards particular sources of nourishment. The younger gnats also often consume dissimilar staples to those of their parents. Let’s expose the clandestine world of the gnat’s diet. Gnats … Read more

A Guide to Natural Gnat Repellents

Natural Gnat Repellents Gnats are annoying, destructive or painful, buzzing around your head, eating your plants or biting your skin. Keeping these critters at bay isn’t difficult — you can make budget-friendly and powerful gnat repellents with a few readily available household ingredients. Let’s reveal these insane and effective home remedies. The top natural gnat … Read more

Lifespan of a Gnat: How Long Do They Live?

How Long Do Gnats Live For? You’re enjoying a family cookout at the height of summer. The burgers are on the grill, the kids are playing and you’re knocking back a cold one. Everything seems perfect — until a swarm of gnats arrives. It’s been the same story for the past few weekends, with these … Read more

Do All Gnats Fly?

Do All Gnats Fly? When you hear the word ‘gnat,’ your mind probably conjures up images of swarms gathering in the garden or numerous tiny flying beasties circling your houseplants. If instead, they were walking around on the ground, they’d be remarkably less annoying. It seems evident that all gnats fly, but the truth is … Read more

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats You walk up to admire your prized geraniums, only to be met by a puff of flying critters and a soil surface that appears to be strangely alive. Sound familiar? These are tell-tale signs of fungus gnats — annoying little pests that can ruin your last few months … Read more