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Termite Prevention – Complete Guide

How To Prevent Termites

Termites are a homeowner's worst nightmare. These hungry pests will happily chew through thousands of dollars worth of wood in a very short time. They often leave their unfortunate victims with a very large bill or an unsafe property. Thankfully, there are some proven ways of preventing termites from choosing your home as their next meal.

Prevention is a much-preferred method to deal with termites. Once they are in your home, you may not notice until the damage is well and truly done. In this article, we examine which termites pose the greatest risk to your property, and some of the best methods to stop them in their tracks.

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Termite Life Cycle – All Stages

Termite Life Cycle

Termites pass through very distinctive phases of life. In this article, you will learn about what each stage of the termite life cycle entails, and its associated physical attributes.

I will detail how termites reproduce and how many eggs females can lay. Finally, you will find out how long these insects can live for.

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Termite Holes – Appearance & Treatment

Termite Holes

Termites are wood-destroying insects. They look incredibly small and harmless, but their wood-eating activities cost Americans several billion dollars every year. One of the key signs that you have a potentially devastating termite problem is the presence of termite holes.

All termites feed on cellulose. They get this food primarily from dead wood, wooden furniture, and paper. The holes they leave behind are the result of termites eating through the cellulose-based material. In this article, we will discuss how to identify termite holes and how these can be repaired.

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Carpenter Ants Vs Termites

Termites Vs Carpenter Ants

We often confuse carpenter ants with termites—and for a good reason. These insects have many similar features, both physically and in the way they live. Both are very social, staying close to their family, living in colonies and excavating wood.

Distinguishing them, however, is essential if you suspect an infestation. Although they are similar, they each require a different method of pest control. We will look at their differences and similarities, to help you figure out which of them is invading your home.

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Where Do Termites Live?

Where Do Termites Live?

Knowing where termites live can be useful. By blocking access to potential termite habitats, you can prevent infestations in and around your home. In this article I have detailed the three main species of termite, and where each prefers to live.

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How To Kill Termites – Fast & Effective Methods

How To Kill Termites

Termites can cause all sorts of havoc in houses, but they often go unnoticed until real and tangible problems arise. In this article, we hope to shed light on how to recognize the signs of these invaders. We will also advise on the best ways of killing termites and keeping them away for good.

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What Do Termites Eat? – Complete Guide

What Do Termites Eat?

Termites are one of the most destructive types of pests you can have in your home. Learning about the eating habits of these insects can help you prevent an infestation.

In this article, you will discover what termites eat and how they digest wood. I will also explain why termites eat wood, as well as their favorite types.

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Termite Eggs – Everything You Need To Know

Termite Eggs

Termites play an important role in many ecosystems, but they are best known for causing structural damage in buildings and homes. The termite life cycle is similar to that of ants or cockroaches and, like all insects, termite eggs are how this tiny creature begins life.

In this article, we discuss different aspects of termite eggs. We’ll look at their numbers, appearance, location in a colony, and different treatment and prevention methods.

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Termites In The House – Signs & Treatment

Termites In The House

Termites are small but troublesome insects. These pests live in large colonies and like to feed on the cellulose found in wood and timber. Finding signs of termites in the house can certainly be a stress-inducing experience for homeowners. These ravaging insects could cause thousands of dollars worth of structural damage over time.

In this article, we hope to shed some light on these nasty home invaders. We will discuss how to identify a termite problem in the home. We’ll also cover how to get rid of them, and some measures you can take to prevent them from returning.  

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Dampwood Termites – Appearance & Treatment

Dampwood Termites

There are around 45 different species of termite in the United States. Most of these will not cause homeowners any problems. There is one species, however, which is infamous for causing widespread and expensive damage to property—dampwood termites.

In this article, we look more closely at this species. We’ll also examine how best to identify, treat, and prevent a dampwood termite infestation.

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