Best Mosquito Nets & Tents

  • Written By Dan Edwards on August 12, 2018
    Last Updated: December 10, 2020

When it comes to purchasing the best mosquito net, there are a few key features to look for and consider. Most mosquito nets are made out of a synthetic nylon material, but some are made of cotton. A nylon or terylene mosquito net is the better option in comparison to cotton nets.

What to Look for in a Mosquito Net

Cotton nets are not as resilient as synthetic nets as they are more likely to tear, become damp or develop mold. While cotton does work effectively as a barrier against mosquitoes, a synthetic net is stronger and will last longer in all seasons. All of the nets we have chosen to review are made from a resilient nylon material, making them strong as well as resistant to mold and damp.

An important factor to consider when looking for a mosquito net is size. The size of the net and how much space it gives you when inside will affect your overall comfort. Obviously, the bigger the net, the more space you will have inside of it.

If you are looking for something compact and easy to travel with, choose a smaller, portable net. We go into more detail about different kinds of net, and their features later in the article.

mosquito on netting

Some mosquito nets on the market have been treated with a pesticide to repel mosquitoes. As the nets are designed to keep mosquitoes away and stop them nibbling at you, this is an important feature to consider.

If you are looking for the best protection from your mosquito net then a treated net is certainly worth considering. Most nets in this category will have been treated with permethrin, which is a natural based pesticide and has a good safety record.

Depending on the length of time you are hoping to use your net, there are different types of treated nets. Permethrin treatment on the nets lasts about six months. There are other nets available treated with chemical pesticides, however, which are designed to last a lifetime.

Consider whether or not you would want to expose yourself to the chemicals of these treated nets. While they may add extra protection, pesticides can be dangerous for humans, so we have not included many treated nets in this review.

Best Mosquito Nets

Here are some terrific options when it comes to mosquito nets. Depending on what your circumstances and needs are, we have you covered.

SansBug 1-Person Free-Standing Pop-Up Mosquito-Net

This pop-up and self-supportive mosquito net is simple to use and effective. Featuring an easy pop-up assembly design, users will not be spending hours with different rods and hoops. When storing, it folds down to a 26-inch disk shape.

Users are advised to take care when erecting this mosquito net. The pop-up design can be dangerous if opened in a closed or confined space. Refer to the demo video for more detailed instructions about how to open this mosquito net safely.

When folded, it is extremely flat and compact, however, not small enough for those hoping to squeeze it into their backpack. Weighing only 2.5 lbs, this single person net measures 86x39x35 inches when erect. This size will comfortably house one user up to 6 feet tall.

For those looking for all-round protection, this net is for you. Featuring a tarp mat base, users are protected from any creatures that may be on the floor. It is ideal for camping or sleeping in the open air.

Users must take care to follow the instructions carefully when folding this net up for storage. If folded incorrectly, the support rods may break and are virtually impossible to fix when broken. Watch the helpful demo video to avoid any damage to your net.

EVEN Naturals Mosquito Net for Bed Canopy

If you are looking for outstanding full protection on your bed at home, this could be the best option. This box mosquito net is designed to cover a queen or king size bed. Users will feel protected without feeling trapped, thanks to its spacious feel inside, as well as two side openings.

Openings are on each side of the bed, making getting in and out easy. However, setting up this box net may take some time. While this canopy does come with hooks and plugs to suspend your net, it features a six to eight point hanging system.

This net’s hanging system provides extra security and reinforcement to ensure your net is hung safely. However, with so many suspension points it can be more difficult to erect for those without a great deal of DIY know-how. EVEN Naturals do, however, provide an eBook and plenty of tips to help you get set up.

Maintenance of this net is simplified, thanks to its machine washable fabric. EVEN Naturals highlight that this net is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as traveling. Despite their advice, I don’t think this net is the best option when traveling due to the number of suspension points.

With that said, the net is a worthy option for those looking to erect a permanent net at home. It would make a fantastic addition to any bedroom and provide brilliant protection from mosquitoes while you sleep.

Coghlan’s Mosquito Net

A Coghlan’s mosquito net provides the spacious feel of a box net but with the extra protection of a self-supporting structure. While this net is not actually self-supporting, it features a built-in tarp base to protect you from the ground up.

Perfect for those sleeping in the outdoors or open air, this net is designed to cover a single sleeping bag or camping cot. Once erected, it measures 78 inches by 35 inches by 59 inches, making it spacious and allowing for good air circulation inside.

When it comes to setting up this net, there are quite a few steps to complete. It needs to be anchored to the ground at the base, as well as have the tops tied to trees or posts. The base is secured into the ground in a similar way to a tent, with metal pegs.

Users will also need extra string to securely set up this mosquito net. However, the net boasts some great reviews from many happy customers. The extra work and materials definitely pay off when it comes to using this box net.

GLORYFIRE Camping Mosquito Net

The Gloryfire camping mosquito net provides excellent protection all round. Complete with a tarp hem to protect users from creatures on the ground, this net has also been treated with an insect repellent. Having a net with repellent-treated mesh serves as an extra deterrent for any bugs.

While this net does not feature a full tarp base, the hem is designed to function in a similar way. The tarp hem will need weighing down with rocks to secure it. When properly weighed down, there is additional protection from pests on the ground, like snakes or scorpions.

This net also has a lovely spacious feel when sleeping inside it, thanks to its box-like design. The net must be secured on all four corners to keep it erect. Once set up though, the design allows for great airflow.

Suitable for use both indoors and outside, this net can easily be secured into the ground when using outside. For when the net is not in use, it folds away into a neat and convenient compact size. At just 8.7 inches by 3.9 inches, this is a handy net for those with a limited amount of space whilst traveling.

As the Gloryfire net requires four different points to secure it, it is best used in wooded areas with plenty of trees. Consider how you will secure this net before buying it, as not all locations will have set up points.

DaTong Pop-Up Mosquito Net

DaTong provides a self-supporting mosquito net for the novice users who are looking for ease and convenience. The pop-up net is easy to erect and provides a light spacious feel inside. Space really is the main feature of this net, as it is designed to sleep two adults.

Measuring 71 inches by 19 inches by 59 inches and featuring a 31.5-inch zipped double door, this net would also be great for families. With its simple setup, it’s perfect for those who do not want to spend hours frustrated with tie points and suspension hooks.

When flat and folded, this mosquito net is portable and compact, measuring just 22 inches by 21 inches by 1.2 inches. While this may not be the most compact option out there, it is very lightweight and will easily fit in the car or most suitcases. Remember to consider the folded size of this net if you are limited on space in your luggage.

As with other pop-up and self-supporting mosquito nets, users must take care when folding away. There are helpful videos online to ensure that you are folding and storing your net correctly. It is worth taking the time to learn how to fold the net properly, to ensure it does not get damaged or broken.

EVEN Naturals Premium Mosquito Head Net

For those who are not looking for overnight bed protection, a head net is a great option. This provides protection to your head and neck while out during the day. With its fine mesh design, it offers protection without compromising on ventilation and visibility.

Designed to fit over most headwear, users will, however, need a wide-brimmed hat to provide the best comfort and visibility. EVEN Naturals head net also features a longer design for extra coverage down the neck, as well as a drawstring toggle. This toggle, when pulled close, will prevent any mosquitoes getting under the net.

EVEN Naturals head net is also extremely compact and mobile, making it a great option on the go. Some customer reviews have highlighted that the net is so effective and comfortable that they have used it to sleep in. While it is not designed for overnight use, it is a bonus feature if you want the extra protection.

Looking after this net and keeping it clean is also easy as is made of a resilient mesh that is machine washable.

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Net for Your Circumstances

Mosquito nets come in all different shapes and sizes, to accommodate specific circumstances or uses. Here we outline the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of mosquito net.

Self Supporting Mosquito Nets

A self-supporting mosquito net has features similar to a tent. It has a variety of flexible rods and hoops to form a supportive frame, and allows users to zip themselves inside. These self-supporting nets can also come with an attached base, just like a tent, so that the user is completely enclosed inside.

A self-supporting mosquito net is great for those looking for an extra level of protection. This kind of net is beneficial if you are planning on sleeping outside in the open air. It will also protect campers from creatures on the floor, providing they choose one with a built-in base.

As this net is self-supporting, you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable surface to attach it to. Plus, you will not have to worry about its level of protection being affected by the weather. This net will still protect you in windy conditions thanks to its tent-like design.


  • As this net is self-supporting it does not need any other form of support to work
  • Can be used in a variety of different locations, both indoors and outdoors
  • With a base, it provides extra protection from insects or small animals that may be on the ground
  • Can be used in windy conditions without risk of compromising protection
  • Easy to set up and pack away


  • More expensive than basic nets
  • The rods and hoops that come with the net can make it bulkier to pack away
  • If rods and hoops are damaged they can be difficult to repair or replace
  • Less space inside the net can make it uncomfortable due to restricted movement

Best For

  • Camping excursions, sleeping in the open air or sleeping on the floor

Wedge Mosquito Nets

As the name suggests, this mosquito net resembles a wedge of cake when in use. The higher end provides plenty of space for the user to sit up in bed, with the lower part covering the sides of the bed. This net is designed to encase the whole bed and once inside, users can tuck the ends in around the outside of the mattress.

This net is great for backpackers or those who do not have a great deal of space in their luggage. Small and compact, a wedge mosquito net is also very affordable. Depending on where your bed is set up, these nets are flexible and easy to erect.

If you are in a smaller space and cannot attach your net to the ceiling, you can attach it to a wall above your bed. This will offer the same level of protection from mosquitoes, but will not provide as much space inside.


  • Affordable, with a simple design
  • Easy to set up as they only need one or two support points above the bed
  • Flexible in smaller spaces as can be hung from the wall as well as the ceiling
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry


  • Not very spacious inside so can be hot and stuffy for the user

Best For

  • Small budgets, and limited space, either around the bed or in luggage

Bell Mosquito Nets

Suspended from the ceiling, the clue is in its name—these nets resemble a bell shape when hung. They must be attached to the ceiling, typically from a single suspension point. Once in place, the net spreads out to cover the bed.

Most of these nets will also feature a small frame or hoop attached underneath the suspension point. This helps to keep the net evenly spread out across the bed for optimal coverage.

In some cases, a bell mosquito net may also feature a skirt around its lower edge. This will usually be made of a heavier weight fabric and serves two purposes. Not only does it help with the hang of the net to keep it in place, but also helps prevent wear and tear around the base of the bed.


  • Easy to set up as only requires a single suspension point on the ceiling
  • Large amount of space inside makes it comfortable to sleep under
  • Can be used as a permanent fixture in your bedroom, or use it for travel
  • Aesthetically pleasing, so can also add decoration to your bedroom


  • As they use a lot of fabric, these nets can be bulky and heavy to transport
  • Heavier than other nets meaning they need a strong and supportive suspension point

Best For

  • Those looking for a permanent and attractive mosquito net for bedrooms at home

Box Mosquito Nets

These rectangularly shaped nets are designed to fit seamlessly over a whole bed. They require four suspension points, one over each corner, which creates and upholds the rectangular frame as well as providing spacious coverage.

Similar to bell mosquito nets, a box net will usually also feature a skirt of heavier fabric. This is to keep the net weighted down, provide extra strength and again help to reduce wear and tear around the base of the bed.


  • Large and spacious, making the user comfortable inside the net
  • Great air circulation and cooler temperatures inside the net due to its large size


  • Needing four suspension points makes it difficult to erect and take down
  • Heavy and bulky to store because of the amount of fabric it uses

Best For

  • Those looking for a permanent mosquito net to use in bedrooms at home

Head Mosquito Net

A head mosquito net is normally attached to, or worn over a hat, to protect your face and neck from bites. Users wearing a hat have the protective mesh fall around their head, face and neck. Extra protection can be provided by a drawstring base to keep any mosquitoes from getting inside.

As this net only protects your head and neck, it is primarily designed for use in the day when walking through bug-infested areas. For example, when walking through marsh areas or in the jungle.

As this net only protects the head and neck, it is best worn in addition to other protective clothing. Long sleeves and trousers with closed toe shoes will protect your body from getting bitten. Alternatively, users can regularly apply a mosquito repellent to protect the rest of their body from bites.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Very affordable and compact
  • Provides mobile protection against mosquito bites


  • Only provides protection to your head and neck

Best For

  • Use in the day when on the go or out walking, and the rest of your body has other protection

How to Use Mosquito Nets Effectively

When it comes to making the most of your mosquito net, it’s all about the setup. Make sure you take the time to set up your net correctly, to effectively keep the mosquitoes out when they’re most active. Check carefully for any openings or holes.

Be careful around your net, especially with any pointed or sharp objects. Any tears or damage to the net will allow mosquitoes to get in. Also make sure the net is securely fixed, especially with those that are suspended from the ceiling. If the net falls down it could startle you in the night, or when fitted incorrectly it will make sleeping very uncomfortable.

Finally, be sure to look after your net if it is disassembled and packed away. Take care to store correctly and not damage any of the mesh. The better care you take of it, the longer it will last, and more protection it will provide. I hope one of our best mosquito nets will suit your purpose and provide you with restful nights.